Expert Diagnostic Advice

Expert Diagnostic Advice
for MRI Scan Group

Are you on the lookout for an affordable scan? If so, MRI Scan Group is here to help. Simply insert your location and MRI Scan Group will refer you to numerous imaging centers nearby. Aside from saving you the headache, MRI Scan Group prides itself in saving you time and money as well.

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About MRI Scan Group

MRI Scan Group assists patients in finding a high quality diagnostic scan at a solid price that won't break the bank.

MRI Scan Group connects you, the patient, with outpatient centers in your area. Currently working with almost 500 imaging centers around the United States, MRI Scan Group is sure to fulfill your imaging needs with speed, quality and accuracy at a fraction of the regular cost.

Most Popular Clinics

San Diego, CA 92130
Center Perform : (CT, )
  • Forearm
Our Price : $100
Original Price : $425
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Center Perform : (CT, X-RAY, )
Our Price : $100
Original Price : $512